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Kent Rader, Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Kent Rader

When it comes to reducing stress in the workplace, humor is one of the most effective tools known to the business world. Kent Rader believes passionately that laughter matters in easing the daily stress of employees and building a highly cohesive business team.

Known as the world’s cleanest comedian and humorous keynote speaker, Rader helps people and organizations learn and experience how laughter matters as an effective business tool. He is well qualified to perform this role, as he boasts a diverse skill set and experience in both corporate and healthcare environments. In addition, he has performed his clean comedy in comedy clubs from New York to Seattle and co-stars in “The Baby Boomer Comedy Show: Clean Comedy for People Born Before Seat Belts.” He even won the Branson Comedy Festival as a reward for his efforts.

With five years of experience in public accounting and 12 years as a hospital CFO and CEO, Rader is able to draw on an incredibly diverse range of experience to find inspiration as a funny keynote speaker. Accordingly, he has worked for 15 years as a professional speaker, using his knowledge and own unique appreciation of comedy to improve the productivity of staff and businesses nationwide. It is this underlying fusion of experience and comedy that distinguishes Rader from other humorous speakers and marks him as the ideal choice for any association convention or business event.

Though he is widely seen on television, heard on radio, and read in print, it is as a funny motivational and keynote speaker that Rader continues to genuinely shine because it offers the perfect platform for him to educate and entertain. If you value your staff and the performance of your business team, consider booking Rader and his unique message as a keynote speaker today. Rader’s stress reduction book is titled Let It Go, Just Let It Go. He has been seen on Comcast's Who's Laughing Now.